NotPetya: What We Know So Far

A new global cyber attack is underway. It seems to have begun in the Ukraine and is rapidly spreading throughout Europe and Asia. It’s not WannaCry and it’s not, as originally reported, Petya either. Instead, it’s a new variant of ransomware dubbed NotPetya. And unfortunately, this attack is much more sophisticated and clever than its minimalistic moniker suggests.

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WannaCry: Whodunit?

That’s the err… $61,614.02 question!

The worldwide WannaCry ransomware attack has been making the news since Friday afternoon when it began to run ramped at hospitals in the UK, causing manufacturing plant shut downs across Europe propagating and encrypting everything it could get it’s hands on from ATM’s to marketing display panels.

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WannaCry: Just another manic Monday?

On Friday afternoon, the UK’s National Health System (NHS) began reporting infections of a new ransomware strain known as WannaCry. Throughout Friday and into Saturday morning, it spread like wildfire across the world, infecting computers in over 150 countries. In the news was account after account of PCs, Smart TVs, ATMs, and arrival and departure displays getting hit as WannaCry sought to find and infect everything it would get its hands on.

And then . . . it seemed to just . . . well . . . stop.

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